Yogi Bhajan - Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 – 2025, Westerwald Germany

The Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training is designed to deepen and broaden your knowledge of Kundalini Yoga. You will receive the theory, practice and experience needed to develop into a professional Kundalini Yoga teacher. The training is an exceptional learning opportunity for everyone interested in a healthy and conscious life.

The training consists of five weekends, a full week and the examination weekend. Weekends will start at 19:00 on Friday and will be finished on 16:00 on Sunday. Every day starts with Sadhana, a morning discipline that will make you physically strong and mentally balanced. Days are filled with theory lessons, Yoga, meditation, group assignments and outdoor activities.

This Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training will be held at Grube Louise, a nice seminar house in Westerwald, Germany.

KRI Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training


28. – 02 Feb./March 2025 •  Weekend, at Grube Louise #1: What is Yoga, Breath, Posture, Yoga Anatomy, Yogic Lifestyle.

28. – 30. March 2025 •  Weekend, at Grube Louise #2: Mantra, Japji Recitation, Yoga practice, Mudra’s, Muscle contraction, Meditation.

02. – 05. May 2025 •  Weekend, at Grube Louise #3: Aquarius era, 7 Steps to happiness, Chakra’s, Postures, Assignment.

25. May 2025 •  Online-meeting, Kriya in KY, Class Setting.

01. – 07. July 2025 •  Discovery Week, at Grube Louise #4: Golden Link, Tuning-in, Relaxation, The Mind, Gong, Mala, Tratakum, Western Anatomy, Yoga Philosophy, Humanology, Yogic Diet, Assignment.

12. – 14. September 2025 •  Weekend, at Grube Louise #5: Spiritual development, Identity of a teacher, Roles and Responsibility, Form and tuning.

12. – 13. October 2025 • Online-meeting, small groups with supervision.

24. – 26. October 2025 •  Weekend, at Grube Louise #6: Sikh Dharma, 10 Body’s, Challenges of teaching.

15. – 16. November 2025 • online-meeting, small groups with supervision.

21. – 23. November 2025 •  Weekend, at Grube Louise #7: Humanology, Communication.

The training comprises six weekends, one full week (Tue – Mon live) and three additional weekend online sessions for approx. 4-8 hours each. All weekends start on Fridays at 7 pm and end on Sundays around 4 pm.

The Discovery Week

The week is a unique experience where we will go even deeper into the various aspects of Kundalini Yoga. Daily Sadhana, a Yogic cleansing diet and the positive environment will help you to become more conscious about your relationship with food, emotions, stress and family patterns. We will do long meditations and experience the power of group consciousness. The week is an experience for life and offers opportunities for transformation.

This Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, Level 1 is for everyone who

• wants to be a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher
• wants to gain knowledge about the science of Kundalini Yoga
• wants to integrate a yogic lifestyle into his or her job and/or daily life.

Trainers & Team

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with Gurumarka, Shanti Kaur and team
Our team approach ensures an optimal learning environment. Guest teachers and trainees will share from their years of experience, teaching about subjects they specialized in.
This offers you the opportunity to see and experience different styles of teaching.

All trainers are KRI/IKYTA certified.


We meet and live in a seminar house in Germany – Grube Louise, Westerwald, between Bonn and Koblenz.

The training takes place in a beautiful seminar house with quiet, large, light spaces. Our main room provieds a heated wooden floor. The building is located near by forests and surrounded by large trees, and countryside nature. It offers us a quiet, warm and protected atmosphere in which we can be together and do our work.

As a group we prepare our meals and take responsibility for keeping the space energetically clean. This working together helps to build the group consciousness necessary for merging the ego in universal consciousness.


Study materials

For this training you will need the following books:

  • The Aquarian Teacher (book)
  • The Master’s Touch (book)

Further information will be provided at registration interview.


This Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training is approved by KRI – Kundalini Reseach Institute. After succesfully finishing this training you will recieve the International Kundalini Yoga Level 1 – “Instructor” certificate.
You can read more about the benefits of doing an official KRI approved training here.


 1. Course Fee: starts at € 2120 and includes training fee, supplementary training material, registration fee, examination fee and a certificate from K.R.I. (USA) with the title: Kundalini Yoga Teacher Level 1 “Instructor”.

  • € 2120, paid in full before October 01, 2024 (€200 discount),
  •  € 2220, paid in full before November 01, 2024 (€100 discount),
  •  € 2270, paid in full before December 30, 2024 (€ 50 discount),
  • € 2320, paid in full before the start of training, February 28, 2025 (regular training fee!).

2. Application fee of € 500 to reserve your space (deposit will be deducted from your Course fee; non-refundable).

3. Prices for seminar house, accommodation in the seminar house, vegetarian meals and other, misc. per weekend is: € 160 ; for week € 560 (information may change).

4. Literature/Training material: approx. 160-200 €.

Bank: Gnau, IBAN: DE 66 2908 0010 0271 795501, Note: KY-L1-2025

Some information may change!