The modules

The Divine Human Level 2 training emphasizes making new experiences and considering experiences already made in the light of the theory that underlies them. This way, the theory can be naturally integrated into your daily life and you will have a profound effect from the week we spend together.

Vitality & Stress

Stress is definitely an issue, even for yogis and spiritual teachers. We are stressed because of the pace of life, because of the demands of keeping up with constant change, because of technology, because of the “everything is instant” attitude that makes us feel like failures if we don’t respond immediately with the perfect answer.

We know that Kundalini Yoga strengthens the nervous system and the glands. So let’s fill our toolbox with knowledge that will help us balance our selves instead of exploding.

We’ll explore the connection between stress, health, diet, habits, relaxation, yoga and meditation. You will have the opportunity to take a close look at how you respond to stress and manage and master your vitality.

Conscious Communication

This module takes you through the different levels of thoughts and feelings in all aspects of communication. Through play, verbal exercises and other powerful working methods, we will discover how we communicate and how we can improve this.

Authentic Relationships

In preparation for this week you follow a special diet and do a meditation. Together they prepare you for a greater understanding of who we are beyond our emotional filters. We go through a special process of releasing grief, sadness and anger. There is a day on which the men and women work separately, followed by a day of integration and healing.

Mind & Meditation

This module is a special week full of surprises. We dive deeper into the complexity of the mind. During the week we follow a special diet that supports the process; we eat as sattvic as possible so that with the help of it we can create a deeper meditative experience. Meditations form the basis for this week, which many experience as so pleasant that they would like to come back again.

Lifestyles & Lifecycles

To prepare for this module, first create your own biography. This helps you see where you come from so you can understand who you are and what your potential is. During this week you will also gain a deeper experience with the principle of prosperity through different working methods and tasty, beautifully presented meals.

Bonus Module – Spiritual Warrior

The Level 2 process ends with an extra module. This is not mandatory for your Level 2 certificate, but it does follow the course material as indicated by KRI. In this module you will understand more about your purpose in life by preparing for death. We leave the illusion of this world behind and celebrate a new beginning.